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While travelling around the world I experienced that many things which are taken as normal and given in our western civilization aren’t appreciated enough. I am talking especially about education. Here in Germany it is normal that kids are going to school and later on when they want to study there is always a chance to seek for financial support either by the government or by private organizations. But what is normal for us unfortunately isn’t that much normal on other places of our world. And that’s why I decided to give my best to sustainable support the following two projects:

1) ‘‘Badi Asha School‘‘ (Learn for Life) in Varanasi / North-India ( and 2) ‘‘Sapa O’Chau‘‘ in Sapa / North-Vietnam (

It is my personal goal for this project to achieve a sum of sales of 3.000€ plus which then are intended to be used as the following:

1. Badi Asha School / India2.800 €
Travel Costs to Varanasi (Flight + Train) 800 €
1 additional piece of luggage 0 € goal: costs covered by airplane company
Presents for the children 200 €
Donation through 1.800 € 300€/child/year (school, food, clothing, health insurance,...)
2. Sapa O'Chau / Vietnam 200 €
Donation (money transfer) 200 € School material (notebooks , pens,…)

Feel free to track the donation later on (in 2018) either through my blog ( or on ( Should the hole action even bring 6.000€ or more then I would even visit the 2nd school project in person to bring some presents to the kids in person. And the rest of the money would be donated to both school projects (splited by the current needs).


The Collection – collected mainly in the 80s and 90s. Mostly in person (festivals, concerts, sports events,…) but also via mail and a few by swap. The state of the collection is good (= well stored); for the quality please check out the individual photos.

The auctions will last from May 1st to December 1st 2017. Highest bidder by December 1st 11:59pm CET will get the corresponding autograph. The autographs are displayed with a minimum offer (prize) in Euros. Exception: There are a few items displayed with 0,00€ - those ones will be only sold individually for a very special high offer, so there won't be any bidding on those ones. You can either hand in your offer for those items like for the other items right under the autograph or you may hand in an offer by email as well.

To make a bid you have to sign up tot he page (=> 1. Press on ‘Anmelden‘ => 2. ‘Neue Kunden‘ => 3. ‘Benutzerkonto anlegen‘ => 4. Enter your first name (Vorname) and second name (Nachname) as well as your Email-address and a password of your choice + re-confirm the password => Done!). Once you are already registered just press on ‘Registrierte Kunden‘ and enter your email and password. Once you are signed in you can set your bid right under each autograph. Simply enter your name and your bid in Euros . Bids must be higher than the minimum prize (if no bid was done so far) or higher than the other bids which were done already. Bidding in 0,50€ steps or more. Exception 2: In case that someone is offering 100€ for an autograph which is displayed with 10€ only then in the name of the good purpose of this hole project I keep myself the right to pull off autographs out of the auction period and to sell them to the high bidder in advance. Please be aware that some individual autographs are printed once and are signed out as ''Druck'' mostly starting at 0,50€, but the big majority of the autographs are original ones signed out as ''Original''.

New: Hot deals of the month:

Upon request you now do have the opportunity to buy specific autographs already prior to the end of this hole project. Please check out the news section for further info.

From December 2nd onwards I will contact all auction winners by email, telling them the final prize (= auction prize + shipping and handling fees – details see list below) as well as the bank account / paypal details for the money transfer. The autographs will be sent out as fast as possible after the money arrived on the account. Goal ist hat everyone has it’s autographs by christmas.

Hot Deals of the month


International Delivery: (Status April 1st 2017):

Standard letter (< 20gr): 0,90€
Compact Letter (< 50gr.): 1,50€
Large Letter (< 500gr.): 3,70€
Maxi Letter (< 1000gr.): 7,00€
Maxi Letter (< 2000gr): 17,00€
To chose an insured delivery is advisable!
Registered Letter: additional 2,50€

In addition to the postal costs (via Deutsche Post) above there is an additional fee of 0,25€ per envelope to cover the packaging costs.

As this is a private sale , the accountability for any loss or damage cannot be taken by me. Also redemption, exchange and guarantee are excluded.

By signing up to the page and by making your bid you do accept the conditions above.

And now the best of luck to you for your bidding! Enjoy + discover!
As it might happen that additional autographs are added to this project it is always good to come back and check from time to time.